Grade 4

Prince Edward Island

The Meaning of Home to Me

My house is by the sea
What does it mean to me
It’s a good place to sleep
Where I can count sheep
In my comfy bunk bed
Where I sleep like I am dead
My friends’ house is not too far
I can get there without a car
There are lots of fun things I can do
Lots of things to learn that are new
There is a trampoline in my yard
When I miss I land quite hard
The floor indoors makes one great space
For building with LEGO all over the place
My house is a comfortable space to read
With a lot more books than I will ever need
The food I eat is very tasty and good
And puts me in a cheerful mood
When I am in my house I feel happy
With everything I have including my puppy
She’s a curly haired pooch and she’s excitable and fun
She’s cuddly and cute and fast on the run
But my house is not just about the things that I own
Not books not toys not even a dog that won’t leave me alone
But my mom and dad are there all the time
When I feel bad they make me just fine
Even if sometimes they are mad
I know at the end I don’t make them sad
No matter what I do or say
They will still love me anyway
With their protection I will never be hurt
Even by a person as evil as Lord Voldemort
A house can be any size big or small
But it’s only a home if there’s love most of all