Grade 5

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home to Me

In this text I will describe what a home is to me. The meaning of home to me is probably not the same as the meaning of home to you, I hope that is what makes this interesting. To me a home is where my family is and where I can go to relax and read or draw. Sometimes I can feel happy and cozy in my home or I can feel bored or annoyed, but the important thing is that my home always feels safe and that’s how it always is. My home has all my belongings and in it I can stay warm (or cool in the summer). My home is my favorite place to be and it’s a place I recognize and know well. My home is the place I love most and I feel happy when I get there. It’s where I live and I can have fun at home or just relax. My home is where my pets are and where I can just be myself when I get home and read a book or draw I feel totally. . . right, like I was just meant to be there. It’s just where I fit in the most. To me a home isn’t just a place, but it doesn’t have to feel perfect all the time. My home is where I can play with my friends and family but I can also just be alone because being alone in a place you love can be different than just being alone, because it can feel less lonely if you know exactly where everything is and it is so familiar to you. To me a home isn’t just a place; it’s who lives in that place with you it’s how you feel in whatever or wherever you call home.