Grade 5

British Columbia

The meaning of home to me

I know the meaning of home is different for a lot of people. Some don’t have a home, some people’s homes could be in an alley. Just make sure when you see someone on the streets that they like to call a home, let them Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Whatever makes them happy is their home. The word home means to me where everybody you love gets to see you there. Home means love, happiness and joy but home isn’t always happy. Sometimes you can be mad or sad at home, for example when you get in a fight with your family. For me home can be a little bit scary when you try and get a snack in the dark. Home to me is where you can make crafts, jump on a trampoline and when you dive in the pool with all your friends. Home is where you can sleep and take care of yourself. Home can also be where all the stuff you can afford is, clothes and water and food and furniture can be. To me a lot of people ask why home makes you feel how you feel. What I say to that, is home makes me happy because I know I am loved, I know I am worth it I am not just there, they love me, treat me well, take very good care of me and the best part they do whatever to make me happy. There is also a part where sadness comes. home can also be a sad place. Home can also be a place where you can get very angry for example like when you get in a fight. That is what home is to me.