Grade 6

Fort Saskatchewan

The Meaning Of Home To Me

My home is where I feel safe and loved. I live with my mom who works for communications at a hospital. My dad works at tracking animal diseases across Alberta. My sister who is three years younger than me and who’s in grade three. My brother is six years younger than me, he’s in Kindergarten. I live in a culdesac. My friends live around there too so when covid didn’t exist I would play with them all the time especially in the summer. Then in the winter we would all go sledding, and when freezing raid would happen we could fly down the hill with our sleds and when we wanted to go slower we could go down just on our snow pants. Whenever there’s a thunder storm we would all go downstairs and my mom or dad would make hot cocoa and we’ll all curl up under a blanket and watch the lightning, and listen to the thunder, and drink our hot cocoa. Oh and also there is a new addition to this family. Its our puppy Nova! I love her but she loves to scratch us, bite us, but sometimes she will let us cuddle her.

Even though that is the house that I live in I have two others that I want to talk about. First is my Baba and Gidos house. They live in a small house out in the country. There’s a huge garden next to the house. Half of it is covered by raspberry bushes in the summer. We all go out and pick buckets of raspberries and then my Baba makes us raspberry jam. My Gido raises beef cows. He and my dad are out all day feeding cows and fixing machinery with our blue heeler Max. But thats ok with me because that means that I get more time with my Baba. Sometimes though I go out and help or explore or climb on the hay bails, but I usually stay inside with my Baba and sometimes siblings. We’ll play games together and watch movies and cook or even bake! Sometimes we’ll do experiments with stuff we find! On weekends we have sleepovers. We usually stay up until midnight! And my Gido likes to tease us about it saying things like “I wonder why everyone is so tiered” in the morning. I really miss going over there and staying up to late.

And then there is my Nana and Grandpas house I love being there too. They live out in Edmonton with a park in walking distance. There are slides, swings, and rocks to jump on! When i’m there just me and then I love to watch movies and cuddle with my grandpa and play lots of card games with my Nana. One time they taught me a now card game called golf in the game you can’t look at your cards. But usually at least one of us looks at our cards at some point in the game.

So the big question is what does home mean to me and the this is my honest answer. Home is a place where I feel safe home is where I go when I feel loved where I can cry where I can laugh and I can play. There I can sleep there I can eat. Home is a you can feel safe and loved it doesn’t have to be where you live just somewhere that you feel safe and loved.