Grade 6


The Meaning of Home to Me

The meaning of home to me
The meaning of home to me is a safe place where I can trust to be safe and protected.

My home makes me feel loved, free , and peaceful because my family takes care of me, and I can do anything I like without fear. My family is loving and kind. They take care of me everyday. I am welcomed everywhere, like my grandparents house. I have no fear of being hated anywhere, for example I always get a warm welcome when I go to my Aunt’s house.

My home makes me feel free because I can go to anyplace without any restrictions or limits. At home I am usually allowed to make my own decisions without being forced into something. I can be left alone if I want to and I have the control of my decisions, not anybody else. I feel safe free to show how I feel about some decisions. I can take part in things in the house without being rejected.

My home makes me feel peaceful because it is very calm each day and I can also tell my mom anything without fear. In my home it is very quiet and peaceful in my home and not that many arguments or fights happen. I have nothing to worry about and can continue on with my day.I feel relaxed and calm each day and have no problems. I don’t have to worry about any fights at school and at home. Peacefulness is something everybody deserves.

Home is a place where you feel loved, a place where your opinion matters and your thoughts matter. It is a place where you are respected, and always welcome no matter where you are, it is a place where you feel protected and safe.