Grade 5

British Columbia

The meaning of home to me

Some people think that home is where they live. I used to think that home was just a place where you lived. It’s true, but home is way more than just a roof and four walls. Here’s what home means to me. There’s a tree in our front yard. That tree has been in our yard for as long as I can remember. It is to some extent, my oldest friend as well. It’s an absolutely enormous tree to boot. I remember that I once asked my father to build me a tree house in that tree. He said no, though. I love that tree.
Japan is my other home. My mother is from Japan. She came to Canada because she wanted a job. I can only speak a small amount of Japanese though. It’s rather unfortunate. If I’m being honest it’s so amazing there. To be honest the food in Japan is just superb. You can buy a slice of delicious bread, and in the middle velvety whipped cream. Everything in Japan is just so mesmerizing. I adore it there.
I have been begging for a kitten for a good three to four years. And one casual night at dinner time I asked my typical question. ‘Can we get a cat?’ I was expecting the usual ‘no’ as always, but I was shocked to hear a yes! We started looking for a cat at the beginning of spring, and we found my little perfect guy at the outset of summer. I can’t imagine our household without him. He’s truly the best. The meaning of home is not just where you live. Home is so much more than that. Home is where you feel safe, comforted, and loved. Home is where the heart is.