Grade 4


The meaning of home to me

Home means many things to me. First, Sharing is important to a home because you can share moments happy or sad. Then, celebrating other family members birthdays sacraments and funerals. For an example, having parties for other members birthdays or celebrations. Another thing that home means to me is love. by loving each other always.being there for One another shows that you love them. for an example, standing up for one another and celabring with one another Shows that you love them and care for them. Next, support. Supporting one another good times or bad. for an example bring them support and love no matter what. Also home means growing. Watching and helping each other grow and live. with help from your family you can grow to live healthy and strong. caring is another meaning of home. You can be caring for one another when that need it. Worcing is another meaning of home. We are working to help reach the needs of being a family and having a house. Also it means friends. You make friends with your family members to help you and your family get along well. Faith is another meaning of home because you have to have faith in God that he will help you on your journey of life. Finally, hope. You need to hope that your future will be OK no matter what happens.