Grade 4


The meaning of home to me

So I would just think that the word home means home, because i’m born in canada
And never got to learn about old norse, old english, germanic, gothic haim. But the etymology of the word home is insane.
I am not getting into that. I live in the third most expensive cities in the world.
So with all the extra
Stuff like hydro food clothing it really has some difficulty.
Yet I’ve survived thanks to home.
It really means comfort so family and friends and maybe a roof over your head.
But remember some extra things are nice.
My mom works at saint felix center and it is a hard job.
But it means I need to learn even more than most people should about homelessness. But everybody should learn so much about the topic of homelessness. As you know poverty is huge everywhere and I mean everywhere it is insanity. But everybody needs a home.

The point of this all home is where home is in your heart.