Grade 4

Nova Scotia

The meaning of home to me

This is what home means to me, it means playing with my friends at my house. Home is warm and cozy home is where I sleep in my warm bed . Home is where my family lives. My Mom,Dad ,sister, and brother live there with me.

Home is where me and my family play games like life and monopoly and more fun games like that. At my home we stay up late and watch movies, and eat popcorn, sour patch kids, skittles , kit kats, and more. My favourite movie is Harry Potter.When it’s snowing out we build snowmen, and When we come inside we watch a movie and drink hot chocolate, it is so much fun .

Home is where I feel safe and comfortable. Sometimes I watch shows in my room or I watch movies with my family. Sometimes my brother and sister get mad at me for giving them hugs and kisses. That is the meaning of home to me.