Grade 4


The Meaning of Home Rap

The Meaning of Home Rap

What home means to me
This is my rap. I hope you enjoy yo
What home means to me when
I’m at home I eat burgers at home every day
When i eat burgers
I’m happy because burgers make my best friends happy when i eat burgers i go freaking insane when i eat burgers at home. I’m happy. Didn’t I mention that yo burgers yo i know i have been talking about burgers alot but I know that when you read this yo bro i know you not gonna accept it but hear me out i know this is a lot of words.

Home is a place where you can eat pizza with your family because its fun. Momma hello. Papa it’s nice to see you ya man hello. Meaning of home this is the rap of the millenium. Home means so much to me and i know this rap is so irrelevant but my home is small but I am so so grateful to have one. Thanks and i hope that everyone gets a home that’s the one thing I want for everyone.I feel so sad when I see someone on the street and I really want everyone to be happy . I really mean it. Bye.