Grade 6

Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home (Poem)

I think no amount of words would ever be able to explain how much I appreciate home.
No letters, no essays, not even a poem.
Home is warm, comforting, and amazing, just a place to be yourself.
Home is a place to win trophies and put them high on the shelf.
Feel free to relax and let your hair down.
Home is a place where you don’t need to be found.
Your memories will stay safe right where they are.
A home is a place where you feel safe to store your car.
No amount of money will ever make a house a home.
It’s what’s on the inside that makes you feel free to roam.
A home is accepting you no matter what your beliefs.
A home isn’t a place to be very brief,
It’s where you should let yourself go.
Even if you don’t really want it to show.
A home is a right.
And you should fight for it with all your might,
Because you deserve it.
It’s where you always fit,
You don’t need to be someone you are not.
You should be yourself and give it all you’ve got,
Because once you leave home the acting begins,
Once you enter your home that’s when it ends.
You may never know what’s behind the closed door.
But once it’s opened they may feel very poor.
You should never but in to what really isn’t yours,
Once you do you could make them feel like they hit the floors.
I may never be able to explain the meaning of home,
But I think I gave you a pretty good idea in this poem.