Grade 6

Fort Saskatchewan

The Meaning of Home Poem

You may have asked, what is a home?
Is it a place where your family has grown?
Is it a place where you get your own room?
It won’t be the same, you may assume
but it may be even better than before
for there are more new memories in store.
Many memories, both the good and the bad
Things that scare you, that make you sad.
Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “Home Is Where The Heart Is.”
But that is not all a home is.
It’s a place that is cozy, safe, and warm
It’s a place where new friendships are born
But as I write this, there are people, I know
That isn’t as fortunate and is out in the snow.
But this one poem can help turn someone’s life right around
And give someone a good life, like this one I’ve found
A house is just a space that is empty and cold.
A home is where you can watch your life unfold
I hope you now know the meaning of home
And as you roam
I ask you to spread the saying, “Home Is Where The Heart Is”
Because it as true as it says