Grade 5

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home is Unique

I return from school and walk through the door,
Feeling safe, I drop my bag on the floor.
Here, I feel loved and cared for,
I don’t feel stressed or scared anymore.

I am Home.

Home is a place we call our own,
It’s where our hearts and minds have grown.
We are all different and our homes are too,
The meaning of home is as unique as you.

My friends’ home is with his grandmother,
Family is made with love for one another.
Although your home may look different than mine,
We all deserve a place where we can shine.

A home may begin with a roof and walls,
But it’s made from the love that fills the halls.
Home is culture, ceremony and land,
It’s communities, together, taking a stand.

Living without a home is not okay,
Taking care of each other is the only way.
Habitat for Humanity invites us to share,
So people in need know that we care.