Grade 6

Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home For Me


Home is my safe place, Where I go to feel my feelings. Where I cry, Where I am happy sad and mad. Home is where I spend time with family. Home is where I sleep, eat and play. Home is where I am happy, home is where I have all my memories. Home is my family. Home is where I spend most of my time.Where I smell my clean as a bean laundry. Home is with my neighbors, and across the road neighbors. Home is where I feel and remember sad, mad, and happy memories. Home is where I play in and outside. Home is watching movies with my family and my pets. Home is where I like to snuggle up with my dog on the couch. Home is where I smell scented candles. Where I think how lucky and thankful I am to have a family, a roof over my head, clothes, and food. Home can be hectic, but it’s always in my heart. That is what home means to me.