Grade 4


The meaning of home for me

The meaning of home for me safe, happy, comfy, fun, playful, and home.
A home for me is also love, family, fun, and games.

Everyday I wake at 6:30 and get ready for school. After I’m ready, I eat breakfast, pack my backpack, and brush my teeth, then I wait until my family is ready to go to school then I go to school.After school I play games, I wouldn’t feel at home if there were no games to play.after games there is dinner to be had, I also wouldn’t feel at home without dinner after games.I also read, do my homework(if I have any), and do Lego( of there is any to be done.After diner I read till 8:30 after 8:30 I go to sleep.Every day since I was 3 years, 6 months, and 18 days old except on weekends and summer and winter break then i play outside, play games, go to our cottage, and do Lego, and only on Christmas and my birthday get presents. And every night I go to bed ready for the next day I am ready for whatever the day throws at me.