Grade 6

New Brunswick

The Meaning of Home…e

A home is a place for families and friends. Home is a place for love and care. Home is an important building because you want to live and cook and play outside. My mom likes cooking and baking. She cares for me.

Home is a place for laughing and speaking other languages. Home is a great place to be even when I’m at school, my parents will pick me up and take me home. I watch electronics at home,home is a place for sleeping and a home is a warm place , a home is peace and it’s a great place, even when you have a bad sick flu, you will stay in bed and get warm.

Home is a place for playing outside and for eating dinner with your family and drinking juice and hugging them. Home is a building that is small, big, three stories,four stories . Home is a Is loving and caring. If I didn’t have a house, I’ll be sad and crying. Home is a place would be sharing with friends and family. And that’s a kind thing to do.