Grade 6

British Columbia

The meaning of home By Jordan Parsons

When you think of home you probably think of a kitchen, a bathroom, a bed room and a living room. But what if I told you a house and a home a very different. When I think home I feel safe and comfortable. A house is made of materials but all a home needs is a little bit of love.

A home can also be anywhere, made of anything, your home is normally where you want to be and where your family is (unless it’s an unstable home, unstable meaning abusive and/or poor.) In different places around the world maybe they don’t have houses. I knew someone who lived in a hotel for a while when they were getting their live together. There’s other people who also don’t have the money to buy and/or rent a house.

A home can be an unstable one (like I’ve already talked about) And that’s why theirs places like habitat for humanity and the women’s shelter and even the salvation army (they pay your mortgage/rent for you.) And that’s what home means to me.