Grade 5

Richmond Hill

The Meaning of Home By a Lynx

I am a lynx. To be specific, I am a lynx canadensis from the cat family (Felidae) and I am a carnivore. I have special ear tuffs to help hear my prey, great vision to see prey and I have a thick layer of fur to keep the cold out.. Moreover, I love eating snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus). But, I am an endangered species because people destroy my home.

What is “home” you may begin to speculate. I live in the boreal forest of northern North America. It is home to my favourite prey, the snowshoe hare. Moreover, a lot of snow comes giving me the advantage over prey and other predators and I have thick fur to keep away the cold. I love my home, because it helps me to survive.

I love my home because it helps me survive and thrive. It has a lot of water from rivers and lakes to keep me hydrated. It has delectable mice, birds and squirrels. Furthermore, it provides caves and trees for hiding. Thus, I get the essentials needed to survive.

Not only do I thrive, I am safe in the boreal forest. The snow gives me the advantage over coyotes and bobcats because they could take over my territory. Accordingly, caves protect me from the natural elements such as rain and thunderstorms. To add on, the trees protect me from predators and lightning. Therefore, the boreal forest that I call home, keeps me safe.

Even though I am safe, I am endangered. I am endangered from habitat destruction. Moreover, the snow I love, is melting away faster because of climate change. Also, types of forest management that remove understory, can negatively affect my snowshoe hares. Therefore my home protects me, but not all the time.