Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home and Why it’s Important

Think about what home means to you? Home could mean different things to different people. Home is a place you don’t leave behind, where your childhood was and it got you where you are now.

Do NEVER leave home behind! If you do… Imagine what that would do.
Home is your safe place, really the only place that you can trust. Trust your family ALWAYS. Imagine if you left trust behind. What will that do? What if you did leave home behind… you’ll probably be really sad or depressed. So NEVER EVER leave home behind.

Home is where your childhood was. Remember your childhood and it might’ve been fun or might’ve been sad. But if it was fun it’s because of home and family. Remember when you were younger like 7-ish playing with pretend lightsabers maybe. You got that from your parents and your family. Home is where you grew up. From those good times when you were 1-18-ish. Just please keep in mind that home is where you grew up and it got you to where you are now. Which i’m about to talk about.

Home got you where you are now. Just think your family and friends if they weren’t a thing you wouldn’t be here. You’ll probably be sad, lonely and scared if you didn’t have friends or family. Hear this, imagine if you were a celebrity, got that? You wouldn’t be there in your life if it wasn’t for home, family and friends. I know I might be saying the same thing over and over again but that’s because i’m trying to get you to think that home, family and friends are important.

See, it isn’t a place to leave behind. Just PLEASE for the love of god or whatever religion you celebrate/choose PLEASE DO NOT leave home, family and friends behind. I hope you see how important home, family and friends are.