Grade 5

New Brunswick

The Meaning of Home AKA Vegetable Hulk

Today, I will be talking to you about how my home is special to me and why people should have a home. So join me on this magical journey to my house. Okay so just imagine your in my house your at door you ring the doorbell and you get greeted kindly by this HeLlO mY nAmE iS Pepa pIg AnD tHiS iS mY lItTlE bRoThEr Jorge.just kidding lol xD you go inside to your right you see a set of stairs and to the left you see a couch with a light beside it. In Front of you there’s a hall you walk down it you see the kitchen and you see a circle shape.
There are four seats around the table but I Vegetable hulk don’t have a sibling because sold them on eBay for five cents because they took my DiAmAnDS there probably dead *happy elevator music play in background*so you go back to the hall and go back to the door and then go back up it and go to the right you see a nice leather couch and you sit on it and look around you see lots of toys a tv and amc tender switch. You watch tello tubes. and you fall asleep.6 HOURS LATER. You wake up and slowly walk to the hall. You see the stairs you walk up to them. you see four beds and two bathrooms you look out a window you see a trampoline. You go down the hall you go to the couch you see a door you go down it you see the basement it’s a mess. but you see my home is wonderful. So why are people homeless because of financial problems and drugs. That why I vegetable hulk smash drugs. So if you want to help the homeless go to habitat for for free v bucks