Grade 6

New Brunswick

The Meaning of Home

To me where you can feel safe from all your fears. It is a place to express yourself which ever way you want without being judged. You can hang out with friends, family, and play games, watch movies and eat cheddar popcorn. Home to me is not looking out the window and staring at people who walk bye. A home to me is a place I enjoy to be and love. I’m greatful for my amazing family and my two pets.

Many people feel safe at home. One reason I feel safe at home is I’m safe from all the bad weather. Another reason is my house has a door that locks. I’m safe from people that might hurt me. I have my own room where no one can take my belongings.

Many people have things that make them happy in there home. One thing that makes me happy in my home is my pets I have a cat and a lizard. They are very quiet and love food. I am grateful for for my home and to have people love me.