Grade 5

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

Every day you come home to a warm, safe, loving place, but have you ever thought about what life would be like without a home? Many people experience this feeling. It’s not usually their fault and it’s not fair at all. A home should be warm,safe,caring and loving. A home should be a place where you always feel welcome, a home should be more than a house. A home should be peaceful, a place with no worries and a place where you feel like you belong.

It’s not fair at all that some people don’t feel those things, and please take the time to think about this and everything you can do to help. Imagine,just how difficult it is for those poor people, and how sad they must feel.

A house is a building and an empty shell. A home is a house with a meaning. My home is a place that I care about, and a place that’s important to me and my family. Things like that are what makes a house a home. A home to me is wherever my family and my pets are. My home is where I feel included. A home is a place that is safe and protected. A home is somewhere in Canada. A home to me is a place where I’m not scared and a place where I am loved.

I am so lucky to have a home.