Grade 6

British Columbia

The meaning of home

Think of all the things you adore,
Your toys, books, TV, and more.
Think of all the people you love,
Friends, family, people you think highly of.

The place where you can have all of this,
Is home with your loved ones, mom, dad, bro and sis.
Who care for you with all their heart,
Whether you’re kind, mean, dumb, or smart.

When you get sick, and are stuck in bed all day
Your parents say you will be okay.
And they’re always right, you get better in the end,
You can be with your friends, and play pretend.

In your home there’s nothing to worry about,
You will be safe, there’s no doubt.
A home is somewhere where you belong,
In your times, when you’re weak or strong.

You live, you laugh, you love in your home,
It’s more than a building made of woo, and Styrofoam.
You have a place to stay in the night,
A bed where your parents tuck you in tight.

You can be weird, goofy, calm, or sleepy,
Be whatever you want, you can even be creepy.
It’s a place where you can get and give,
A place where you feel safe to live.

Play with your stuffies, read books,
You do that in your home, so take another look.
You love your home, I hope it loves you back,
And it’s not like it’s going to attack.

What happens in your home, stays in there,
If it had feelings, I’m sure it would care.
For you and your family, who live in its walls,
Wanting the best for you and all.

If you have one, don’t take it for granted,
A home is like a seed getting planted.
So fragile, but loved,
Like getting a hug.