Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of home

Home is more than a house, it’s a place in the heart, where I can come back after a hard day at school, or work. Where I am safe from the intimidating outside world, where I feel comfortable. In my opinion everyone should have a place where they can call home.
In my home I feel cheerful and joyful! When I get sick I have a warm bed to snuggle up into while mum makes me hot soup. In winter I have a cozy heater to relax and watch a Christmas movie, or read a book. In summer I have a refreshing drink to sip while playing outside; other people aren’t so lucky as you and I. Can you imagine waking up one morning on the cold, rough pavement, wrapped in nothing but a flimsy blanket, not even knowing if you will get through the day? Some people have a house, but not a home, where their parents don’t treat them well, or they don’t feel safe. A home is a place where I can be me without any judgemental comments. A place where my dad can watch Sunday night football with no interruption. Early on Christmas morning I wake up in my welcoming home to presents under the tree and in my stocking. There will be a tremendous meal of turkey and stuffing for dinner, and complete with a great dessert. Can you now see the difference between a house and a home, and how a home is much, much, more than a wooden building? It is a place in the heart!