Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

A house is a place to sleep, eat and live. A house has a roof and walls that protect you from danger. A house has heat that will keep you warm and cozy when there are storms.

A home is where you feel safe, peaceful and loved. A home does not have to be a building, it could be a feeling or a place. A home may be your home land or somewhere you have lived a while. Home could be where your family is or it could just be a place in the world where you feel that you belong. It could be a place in nature that you just discovered or a place you have known your whole life. I think everyone deserves a place to call home that is warm, safe and sturdy. I think everyone deserves a place where they feel like they belong and are loved. People do not deserve to live on the street or in houses that do not have clean water, heat ect. I think people need to be nicer to street people and help them more.