Grade 6

New Hamburg

The Meaning of Home

Home is a kind place. A comforting place and a place where you feel protected and safe.
A place with family and friends that are always there for you and love you. You share stories and Peace. Home is not a house. A house is different. A house is the structure and the home is the people.
Home is a comforting place that takes you in with open arms. It is always open for you and it lets you expand your positive thoughts. It is also a place where you can let out your negative thoughts.
It is a welcoming place where you always belong. You’re never left out at home. You can always be included.
It is always bright and joyful.You can express laughter and joy and all the good times.
At home you feel calm and at peace. You always feel safe and you don’t mind taking risks.
Home is creative! You can make, discover, and learn .

Home is where you want it to be.
It could be anywhere, but remember, wherever your home is, it is always yours.