Grade 4

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home

My favourite place in my house is my room because it feels safe and warm and dry. It is an interesting room because it has everything that is special to me. I also like my living room because I like to see my Dad who often relaxes there on the weekends. One of my other favorite places in my house is the kitchen because I like to bake in it and sometimes play in it. I LOVE THE KITCHEN SO MUCH! The beautiful bathroom is shiny and warm, it’s amazing. I am grateful for my house. It’s a very pleasant place to live. We also have a play room which is also another living room, its down stairs. It is a fun, big space, and when friends come over we happily play down there. My dining room brings a lot of enjoyment to me and my family. In the dining room we eat meals together, laugh together and share funny stories. My house is a delightful place to be in. It’s a magical house.