Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador

The Meaning Of Home

Home to me is where family,love and safety are.

Home is a place you can spend time with family. Family is very special to you. You wont get embarrassed if you do crazy things in front of your family. Family supports you. If you
feel sad family makes you feel better. Family means a lot to you.

I feel loved when I am home. When you feel loved you feel safe and comfortable. You feel happy and when you feel you have fun! When your sad you can think of the ones you love. You can love more than 1000000 things! I love my family and so do you!

When I´m home i feel safe. You might feel safer in your room. If you have something you sleep with it might also make you feel safer. When your with family you feel safe. When your safe you feel comfortable so, you feel like can do what you want! It’s fun and better to feel safe.

Home is where the heart is!!!