Grade 5


The meaning of home

The meaning of home

The home is a place to live, a place to be myself, a place to learn things, and a place fulfill my basic needs (Eating, sleeping, using the washroom, Etc.). A home is a safe and comfortable place to live, as no one else usually comes in, and also has less noise than outside. Homes are important to everyone around the planet, to every Homo sapiens (Human being) in existence on Earth. Home means a place many things can be done, a place to be with family members, but also a place to be alone. Homes are also very important, since every single one of them are different, it makes our neighborhood a place that is very unique. A home is a nice place to live, where there is good food to eat, company from my family, and all kinds of memories. The homeless people in the world should get help, and charities are working hard. A home is the best place to express yourself, whether by art, interior décor, or anything else, there is nowhere else that is better for that.

In conclusion, a home is one of the best places to be, no matter from which angle you see it, nothing can be better than living in your home with your family.