Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador

The Meaning Of Home

It’s a place to feel comfortable and loved by your family.

Home is not just a house,it’s a place to feel comfortable not just feeling comfy,(though that is,valid:b) but comfortable with yourself, where as you can be you without feeling like people are judging you. No one in your family should care about how weird you are:)

Speaking of family, your home isn’t one without them, like the marvel movies say, “it’s not a place, it’s a people”:b if your like me and have moved miles, countries, and towns then you know that all of them felt like home, but really, “home is where your fam goes”

So, when people are babys, i think all they really want is love… and for someone to feed you and not leave you on the floor and just, leave you there. But anyway, babies don’t stay this way forever, (obviously) but i’m pretty sure no one wants to live in isolation with no friends or family forever. So, i’m pretty sure love is important, i guess living in a house alone is like a school with no kids, but, they don’t have to be people, animals can love too!

I think everyone should get a home, to stay in, feel comfy, loved, and surrounded by family.
But not everyone can say they live like this,there are a lot of homeless people in the world,and i know if i could, i would build a huge building for every homeless person that can visit! To come, get food, and stay as long as they like! So that’s why i’m writing this, i know there could be a lot of people who fake it, or something,but it could be like the gathering place! I hope someday it happens, and people everywhere get a home!

-a Grade four with dreams