Grade 6

salmon arm
British Columbia

the meaning of home

Meaning of home
I´ve always had a home
Somewhere to go and lie low
I just turn off my phone
And take it slow
I hang my backpack on my hook
Then go to my bed
To read my favorite books
The one´s I’ve already read
Before I go to sleep
I write in my journal
About the week
Thinking about my twin, we’re fraternal
A home is not just a place
it´s where you make happy memories
In a room with a whole lot of space
it´s where you watch documentaries
While you´re chasing your dog all over the place
It makes me sad
When I see someone without a home
I think how they could have been a mom or a dad
With nowhere to go
Home is where I grew up
where I make mistakes
And learn to never give up

– Sarah ewanyshyn