Grade 6

Port Alberni
British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
By: Mackenzie Alarie

“Good moms have sticky floors messy kitchens laundry piles dirty ovens and happy kids”- unknown. Even though I am not a mom this quote describes my house very well. One thing that is important to my home is my family. Everyone that is in my family is my parents my brother and my dog. And it is important because if I did not have a family, I would not have parents and then I would not be alive. I also have Cohen. I have known Cohen for a very long time. I think we have been friends since a little bit before we started school. We are good friends, and he is like my second brother. Cohen just seems like part of our family.
Speaking of friends, they are important to me because I always have friends over. They either sleep over or hang out. If I do not have friends over it is because I have hockey. But if I do not have friends over my brother always does. Some of my main friends are Cohen of course. Jailyn, I have played hockey with her since 2017, I think. Rylan, we met each other In kindergarten. And Devynn, we meet in almost grade 1 or 2. Amara, we danced together when we were little. Olivia, we met in school. Me and Taylor met in kindergarten.
Another thing that I have in my home is laughter. My mom laughs a lot. And if she moved and I was left in house alone, it would be super quiet. You would probably be able to hear a pin drop. When my friends come over, we always laugh a lot, and mostly laugh at my mom laughing. My brother does not laugh that much as my Mom, but he does occasionally. Finally, my Dad he laughs a lot like my Mom but just not so loud. My dog makes me laugh when he bites my friend’s ankles and chases us around the house. My brother makes me laugh because in stores he will just be funny I do not know why.