Grade 6

Port Alberni
British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
“Home is not a place…… it’s a feeling”. – (google.com) I think this
quote describes the feeling that I will never find anywhere else except
at home with my family. One of many things, that makes my house a
real home is my family. If my family were not in my house with me, I do
not know what I would do. Family is the most important thing that I
have. I live with my mom, my dad and my brother. My pets are named
Anubis (dog) and Lokey (cat) I love them with all my heart. If they were
not there, my home would be way quieter with no pets around. I love
my family especially because they are the ones who have made my life
fun and they got me into doing things that I love.
One of the things that my brother got me into was hockey. I
started skating when I was two years old and then my brother
suggested hockey and honestly, I did not really want to go to my first
practice, but I did anyway, I am so glad that I made that decision. On
the first day at hockey, I disliked it, because I thought that I could not
do it. Yet, my brother encouraged me to keep on trying and now it is
the highlight of my day to play hockey. My brother also plays hockey he
is 18 and he even got on to team BC! I got to go and watch him in the
Yukon in Yellowknife it was awesome! But he does not play hockey
anymore. Another sport that one of my family members encouraged
me to do was softball. My dad has been playing softball ever since he
was a teenager or maybe even younger, but I am not sure. Every
summer I try to watch every one of his games, Pretty much most of my
family plays on the same team as my dad, my grandma, my cousins, my
auntie and uncle and a few more. When I go and watch my Dad play
softball it almost feels like a family gathering but I cannot go and watch
him anymore because of COVID-19.
Speaking of the virus I cannot go fishing with my family anymore.
We normally do net fishing but when we go on a trip to Banfield we use
the fishing rods, that is normally with my grandma and papa. We also
normally stay in a lodge it is always fun especially when my cousins
come with me and my grandparents. I love the excitement of catching a
fish, it always makes more and more memories with my family. That is
why I love fishing so much.
Sometimes you do not realize how much you really have
until its gone and you are not able to do it anymore. I am so lucky
to have a home like mine