Grade 6

Port Alberni
British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

My Meaning of Home
So many things can make a house, but it’s the important things
that make a home. One of the things that makes my home is my
family I love home They make me feel safe My mom’s name is cat she
is very funny and nice sometimes she goes away for work though
because she works at west jet airports in Vancouver, she usually leaves
for 1 week at a time I don’t like when she leaves because I miss her but
that’s ok because I have my dad we go to nanaimo mall we go shop
when he is not busy sometimes bring a friend like Mackenzie she is my
best friend we hang out almost every day and we do a lot of stuff
together as in summer we go on my boat and go tubing and stuff my
brother will come with us and we have 2 lay down tubes they are
separate little ones and there really fun my brother always plays video
games and stuff but during quarantine he was boring so my dogs kept
my company they are so cute one of my dogs fry he is really cute and
loves food and is a French bulldog Yoshi is one of my other dogs he is
also a French bulldog he loves cuddels and he loves when we take him
on walks same with piglet she is a pit bull she loves sleeping but also
going on walks she loves sleeping In my room and I love my room I
play video games and I’m getting a desk for my room and I also sleep in
my bed its really comfy sometime I eat in th
2ere but I don’t like eating on my bed because crumbs get in it I watch
Netflix and YouTube in there I love my room and that’s what home
means to me