Grade 5

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home

I think the meaning of home is when you come inside from the cold and the snow and sitting by the warm fire and drinking hot cholate and then watching a movie with my mom dad and sister. Or when you come home from a long trip and you go to your room and just relax and just smell the food cooking in the kitchen. And here the kettle whitling. And felling your soft bed. Or when you help your mom or dad make dinner and watch the food slowly cook is kind of relaxing and soothing. Or after a long day of school just having a snack. Also the meaning or home is coming home from school and going in to your room and turning on the light and opening the blinds and watching the birds flying and walking all over the place. Also the meaning of home is just having that nice felling just knowing your safe and sound. Or just having the ability to have access to clean water and heathy food. Also the meaning of home is when you wake up on Christmas and now you are going to have a good time and get fun presents. Or having nice toys to play with. And also having tasty food to eat