Grade 6

Salmon Arm
British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

The meaning of Home
When I get home and open the door I am greeted by my dog with a wag of her tail. My home is not just a building made of wood, it`s a place where the heart is, where you are surrounded by loved ones.
A home is an amazing thing. It is where a family will begin, and memories will be made. Home is where you can relax and watch the sky change from blue to black.
A home is a place where you are always loved no matter who you are. Home is where you are supported and loved by friends and family.
Home will always be there for you. Home is where you were born and raised and were you learned from your mistakes.
Outside my home I taste the sweet flavor of ice cream while I play outside on a warm sunny day.
A home is a place that everyone should have no matter their race.
But I get sad when I see someone sitting by the road with no home, and nowhere to go.
I think everyone should have a home, and somewhere to go.
Thank you