Grade 6

Nova Scotia

The Meaning Of Home

What does home mean to you? The meaning of home is different for everyone. For someone it may mean an apartment. For another person it may mean a little one story house. But all of these places have one thing in common. Love.
Home is anywhere you feel safe and loved. A home can be many things. It can mean an apartment, a condominium, a cottage, or a trailer. Home is not a place, it is the people with you. Home is a feeling. An emotion. A sense of belonging.
You can also have multiple homes. You can live in one home, but you can also feel at home in places you go to often. You can feel at home at your grandparents home, or a friends home. You may also feel at home in a library. At school. At a comic shop or a craft store. Those can all be homes too.
Home can change. Your home may be an apartment for a year, then a townhouse, then a bungalow, but they are still home to you because a home is not just a building. It is anywhere with love.
You can be yourself at home. At home you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want. At home you can act silly, goof around, and say things you wouldn’t say in public. At home you can use silly voices and dress up your dog in a tutu, because at home you can be yourself.
Even though everyone’s idea of home is different, the meaning of home is the same. Because home is love.