Grade 5


The meaning of home

Meaning of home -Jane

The meaning of home to me is, family, fun and laughter. What does home mean to you? Does it mean happy days or some pretty nights? My favourite thing about home is food. I will be explaining why I love these things and why home has more of a meaning than you think.
In this paragraph I will be talking about family. Family is the reason why I love home because family makes you laugh. So another thing I love about family is that they are always there for you if you are upset. Me and my cousin always talk to each other even if the thing we talk about is unimportant.
Home means fun so i’m explaining why home is fun to me. First of all when you play family games you feel happy especially if you were feeling sad before. Also when I play games it’s more time spent with your family.
I love food and especially the meals my family makes for me. When my family makes meals I will say thank you or this tastes amazing! I appreciate all they cook even if I don’t like it that much. I make sure I try everything my family makes that I have not tried before so I can tell them if I like it or not.
That is the meaning of home to me and I hope that you liked it! So when people say home is where the heart is you know it’s true.