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The Meaning of Home

When I walk into my house I always feel that it is my time to play, relax and have fun. One of my favorite things to do is ride my hoverboard round and round my kitchen and all around my house, it drives my mom crazy. I have some of my favorite memories in our house.

Then I say hi to all my family members like my mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, and my step dad and all my brothers. After that I know it’s time to play with my friends. we always play hockey, football, basketball, ride bikes. We always do one of those things, or sometimes we play multiple things. If I’m lucky my friend are allowed inside our house we play mini sticks and video games and have Nerf wars. My friends and I make a great team.

After playing outside I like to play video games, I will play for about 30-45 minutes. When it’s time for dinner in our house my mom and dad always put food on the table. When we are all full we sometimes watch a movie or I get to skate on the pond. We enjoy having popcorn or other yummy snacks. Our family loves movie nights.

At night time I always have a nice hot shower that makes me really sleepy. Then I crawl into bed and put on my comfortable PJs and go to sleep, But then I feel something under the covers, it’s my cat Miska. She always cuddles with me. When I wake up I always smell something good cooking in the kitchen, my mom always makes me breakfast but sometimes I am up early enough to help her. We make pancakes, toast, french toast and cereal.

I will always cherish my house.