Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home is not 4 walls or more, a nice car or a garden and a washing machine. Or where you get to have a pet of your own, or you get your own room and don’t have to share it with your siblings, or help mom and dad with the bills and you have enough rooms for friends to sleep over and rooms for the grandparents to stay. Your friends come over just to say how big your house is. No, it’s when you get to be your self and be who you are and not be scared to have all the fun you can in a day till the sun goes down. Home is where you can be you. Home is where you get to experiment and just have fun and be a kid, find all the bugs your heart wants, all the tricks and flips you can do on a trampoline, all the arts and crafts you can do in a day. That’s what home means to me.