Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home

The meaning of home to me is coming out of the cold and into the warm. When I am inside I cuddle by the warm and cozy fire. I’m so grateful for a nice warm bed that I can cuddle up in on dark and cold nights.
My house is so unique in its own ways. There are so many amazing things about my home. Like on Christmas, we have one perfect spot for our Christmas tree and on Halloween we have a place to put the candy bowl.

My family is so important to me, they have been with me my whole life. They are special because they are always there for me and I love them so much.

I love my room. We each deserve our own privacy. My room makes me fee l like no one can judge my little quirky self inside. I love my room because that’s where I can think and have a big imagination. I spend most of my time in my room.

I have three reasons why my home is important. First, I can feel myself and relax. Second, I am able to spend a lot of time with my family because they work from home and third I can hang out with friends and family and the people I care about. No matter what, even if you don’t have a home and you live in a shelter or on the street or even in a tent that is your space and your privacy and your home. That is what the meaning of home means to me.