Grade 5

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

Yesterday I went on a walk for “The Coldest Night of the Year.” I learned a lot and I realized how horrible it would be if I didn’t have a home. In this writing assignment, I will be writing about what home means to me.

I’m very grateful to have a home. I love my home, I keep everything I own in my home. My family lives in my home, all my food is in my home. It’s hard to imagine not having a home because I’ve had one all my life, but when I went on that walk I realized how much I ove my home. If I won this contest that would be amazing. I would get to donate thirty thousand dollars to a Habitat in the area I live in. A while ago, I was going to a Tim Horton’s with my dad and we saw a homeless person. We gave him two dollars and he didn’t even move. So by writing this letter I want to help people who live on the streets (like the person I saw) to get a home.