Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

The Meaning of Home

Home is a place you can relax, do the things you love, and spend quality time with your family. Home is a very special place to me because I made many funny memories there with my family. Relaxing is so fun because I love sleeping in and lying in bed with my cat and wearing fluffy socks that I got for Christmas. I love when we have snow days because I can sleep in, watch TV in the morning, and eat really slowly because when we have something to do or somewhere to go, I am usually rushed. I love my cozy house and some people can’t afford or can’t get heat in their house for the winter and it’s really cold in the winter here. And Sometimes we have to think about how lucky we are to have a house or even food. If you have any clothes that don’t fit you, you can give it to charity or a homeless shelter.
Doing the things you love is good! I really like to draw and write stories. I also like to spend a bit of time with my brother playing Minecraft or among us. I really like to go on my iPad or phone but i try not to spend too much time on all that stuff. We have a rink in our backyard. I play hockey and I like to go out on the rink and skate and take a few shots on the net. Sometimes, I even read but only sometimes. In my free time, I like to clean my room or vacuum instead. After school, I go to piano lessons and I have a piano in my playroom.
Spending quality time with your family is so important, you can get to know them better and do fun things together. It is not just a home, it’s the people you live with, my family and I watch movies a lot and I really like it. In the summer my family and I went on long hikes a lot and I really enjoyed it, when we were quarantining my family and I went on bike rides every day. I used to tow my cat in a wagon. We have a quad and every time we go to my nan and pops we always go on a long ride and bring snacks to eat.
Home is a very special place to me because that’s where I grew up and learned, and made fun memories, cried and laughed, played, I fell and I got back up. And soon I will make more memories bad or good.