Grade 6


The meaning of home

Imagine living without a home, horrible. We need it for everyday life, but usually we don’t think about how important a home is to us, that is because we were never homeless. To homeless peoples, home is everything. In the winter, they hide in public buildings to keep themselves warm, when the public building closes, they have to go outside, risking their lives praying not to lose consciousness over the cold. In the summer they have to try to find shade for themselves so they won’t be dehydrated, while we are inside enjoying ourselves and possibly on a vacation. Homeless people are strong, but doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a home.
I was never homeless, but I do know how important a home is to us. In my experience I spend most of my time at home, I don’t think it would be much different for other people. If we didn’t have a home, we would have to spend most of our time outside. It sounds pretty easy when the weather is perfect, but what if the weather doesn’t want to play along, it starts to roar and rain? Then I am sure it won’t be any easier. Home not only protects us from the weather, but also gives us a safer and better place to live.