Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

I’m going to talk about how it feels to have a fun family because I have one and I want to share. So that is what it feels like to have a fun family. On Every Friday me my mom and my sister watch a movie with sushi. Me and my sister are doing makeup and dress up. Everyone is happy. My home is the best place in the world. My home is a place that makes me feel as happy as a dog at the park.
I love home because it’s not just walls and roof it’s a place that you love and always helps you, to feel good. The people you love are there. My mom, dad, my sister, and me. If you need help or you got hurt your family will always help you. They will always make sure that you are feeling well and happy, that is home. That is what home means to me. We are watching lots of movies together, we are laughing together, my grandmother makes really yummy food and my mom too.