Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

Hi! I hear you are interested in hearing about what the meaning of home is to me! If I tell you, do you promise to tell me? Yes? Ok great, then I will tell you my meaning of home.

I’ll give you three ideas of what it looks like. First thing first, the food. It is the best! My dad is a chef so he has experience cooking and we always get the best food no matter what! every time I take a bite of food it is soooo juicy and I wonder if my dad will teach me his skills!

Then.. we have the views in my house. They are so cool especially my bedroom view because it is a view of a big field and I am in love with the view. I love the view because it makes me feel alive and the air is so fresh even if it’s snowing.

The last thing is I get to watch any show I want on tv when my sisters aren’t around! We have three tv’s in my house. One in the basement, living room, and my parent’s bedroom! C’mon now it’s your turn to tell me what home means to you. I’m listening. What does your meaning of home look like?