Grade 4


The meaning of Home

For me, home is a place where everyone lives in harmony with each other, blood-related or not.
Home is where we accept each other’s traits. We celebrate each other’s achievement and console each other whenever we are hurt.

A home does not have to be an extremely big mansion to be a home and everybody deserves one. Whether it be a prickly old man or a heartwarming child. It doesn’t matter AT ALL.

A home isn’t just a place. It is where dreams are made.
It is a place where we are supported, appreciated and most of all BELONG.
Home is where people don’t care about looks because we always fit in it no matter what.
Home is not just where the heart is, it is also where people have hope and faith in us.
It is where people encourage us towards our greatness and success and where people in it do everything they can to help us.
Even if we don’t believe in ourselves, the people in it believe in us.
Most of all, home is where we are love no matter what.