Grade 5


The Meaning of Home!

The meaning of home is incredibly special to me because…I can count on my family to believe in me!!!! The fact that I can use my home for so many things not just a pretend Mc Donalds but for you to slay the dragon or catch the guy who has been stealing from the cookie jar, but your home can be whatever you want it to be. Well, if you clean up your mess you made!!! But other than that home is the greatest place built!!! Home is where you have big fights with your siblings and then again home is where you forgive your siblings!!! The meaning of home is incredibly special to me because home is important!! Why you may ask because lots of people are homeless and me looking at my home makes me feel special, lucky, and grateful. Having a home is amazing because inside of my home we all respect each other’s choices and each other’s privacy in the hardest times my family is always there for me. I am so lucky to have a home like mine, even if it’s not perfect or big or spacey but at least I have a shelter and warmth and comfort and freedom and sympathy when I am in my home. Home is where I have my best memories with my family like when I was little I was running, and I tripped and fell, and my parents helped me up and asked if I was ok and I immediately felt way better! And that is the way I fell every day I go home! My home provides me with stuff I need like good food, a source of water, a place to sleep and a good room for me to have privacy I love my home and I wish ever body can experience what I feel like every day.