Grade 4

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

A house is a building and in the building are rooms like bedrooms,bathrooms,
Livingrooms. A HOME is a place where your family lives and you feel safe where you
Belong. A HOME is a place where your pets live and you live it’s a place you love and
feel very good and loved. A HOME can be an apartment a big house or it can be a small
HOME. Your HOME can be anything you want and it can be anywhere you want and it
Can be any color, any shape, it doesn’t matter it’s up to you.
You might live with your friends,you might have a big family or a small one no matter what it is your HOME A HOME can smell good or feel good. You might feel comfort, happy,love and relaxed. You might have some neighbours or you might have moved homes to a new place
You might miss your old HOME but you might like your new HOME.