Grade 6

Salmon Arm
British Columbia



To me a home is a place that feels safe, and it is a place where you are with your with your family, your family could be your siblings and pets, or you could refer to your family as your friends or close relatives, but it could also be much more.

To me, feeling safe and being with your family is the most important but I also feel it is important to have a roof over your head, a place to sleep and eat, and being at home is a warm feeling that I think everybody should have.

To me, a home is a place to make memories. Your home does not necessarily have to be this giant building, it is a place that is important to you and makes you feel safe. The feeling of walking home, driving, or biking home is a great feeling of excitement or happiness to be able to go home and do whatever you want. You do not get judged by who you are, you can just be you.

To me, a house could be the home of your friend or a random home for someone else. It is a place to go when it is cold or wet, but a home is where you go if you´re feeling sad or stressed, it is a place to see your family.

I feel that everybody should have a place to make memories, to sleep, eat and feel safe. I also feel that it is important for every child to have a happy childhood.

By: Micah Lowe