Grade 5

Gilbert Plains

The Meaning of Home


My family is awesome I love my family. My Family is messy and a little crazy. My mom is loving and caring. My dad is so much fun he also works extremely hard. My sisters always want to play with me. My dog is very energetic and runs amazingly fast. My horses love me with all their hearts. My family is the best family in the whole wide world.


The thing my family likes to do is we have Friday game night. We also all go outside and go sledding together. Me and my sisters like to get messy. We always make up weird games and they are so much fun. We like to dance as a family. My family is always willing to play with me. My family likes to have fun. That is why they play with me every chance they get.

Where We Live

My location is I live on a hill. My house is the color gray. I live by a lot of trees. I like to climb the trees. I also live near Ashville. My house is wonderful and pretty. I love my house.