Grade 5


the meaning of home

Home is where memories are made, where everyone has fun and plays. Home is where I feel safe and protected, and where dreams come to stay. I look forward to each and everyday, we are home when we are together. Home is where we feel safe, if we don’t feel safe, we have no home. We do not worry about what may happen next when we are home.

We don’t live in a home, but home lives in us. Basic essentials do matter, just not as much as family and friends. We may move here and there, home is always with us, family is always with us. We are always home, no matter what, we are home. As life goes on, home is just another way of saying we are not alone. Memories stick with us as we watch them replay in our minds, all from home. Fun traditions, memories, experiences, and changes, this is home in a disguise, not concrete or wood. It all lives in us, home lives in us. As long as we live, we are home, always home.

This is what home means to me. I hope everyone gets a place to call home, a place to make traditions, memories and have fun. I don’t want people to decide if they should pay for rent, or food and water. We should have fun and enjoy life, not worry about what to do. Home really means a lot to me and I want people to have home mean a lot to them, too.