Grade 5

Sherwood Park

The Meaning Of Home

Home is a place to relax, play, and sleep. Home is your safe place. You will always feel welcome in your home and you will always welcome others into your home. Your home is where you stay and live. A home can be in a house, or a van, a trailer, even under a tree. If you see someone without a very good home go try to talk to them, or help them. You never know, maybe they will be your best friend one day. If you see a homeless person on the street maybe take them to a nearby coffee shop or corner store. That would make them very happy.

Home means to feel comfortable and cozy. Being in your home makes you happy. you can eat candy and be crazy and have fun. Your favorite people could be at your home, you can have your favorite foods, your home is your favorite place to stay. Your home is where you have your fun sleepovers and birthday parties. Your home is where your dog sleeps with you. Your home is great!